General Research

1. ESG Review 

Cross-disciplinary and continuously updated review on ESG related topics.

2. ESG Data Review 

Cross-disciplinary and continuously updated review on ESG related datasets

3. PRI Academic Blog

4. PRI Academic Seminar Series

5. Voting With Your Wallet

OECD Ethics & Trust in Finance Global 7th edition 2018-2019 Prize Finalist

6. Making Your Vote Count: Does the Voting Behavior of Asset Managers Truly Reflect Their Clients’ Interests?

ProMarket – The blog of the Stigler Center at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

7. Handle With Care: The Empowered Millennial

PRI in Person in Berlin essay competition submission. See publication below for the session on the “Future of Responsible Investments” (twitter link).

8. How ESG Engagement Creates Values for Investors and Companies

9. Finance and Demand for Skill: Evidence from Uganda

with Thorsten Beck (Cass Business School) and Burak Uras (Tilburg University)

We explore the empirical interaction between firm growth, financing constraints, and job creation. Using a novel small-business survey from Uganda, we find that the extent to which small businesses expand skilled employment as their sales and profits increase is significantly related to access to external funding, while the hiring of casual and family workers is not. The results are robust to the inclusion of various firm level controls, region and sector fixed effects. We support our findings by providing empirical evidence on the relationship between planned hiring and firms’ access to finance.

Publication- Journal of Development Studies

10. Where Are the Responsible Economists? Experiences from a PhD

European Business Ethics Network

11. Conscious Capital: A Presentation

These slides are from a recent talk I gave at Goodenough College. In my presentation, I asked; how can the average person tackle global challenges including climate change, tax evasion, inequality and deforestation? I begin by discussing the immense transformation of modern financial capital and how investors are continuously re-evaluating their objectives. Ethical banks are growing in numbers, green bonds are skyrocketing and asset managers are increasingly competing with green investment strategies. What can the average person do? Quite a lot! This presentation discusses the success stories of the Average Joe and how they can continue tackling immense societal challenges.

12. Referee Work

1) Management Science
2) Journal of Banking & Finance
3) Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment
4) Journal of Development Studies

13. Discussions

Why Distance Matters: The Role of Social Connectedness and Culture in Bank Lending
Oliver Rehbein and Simon Rother
2020 ASSA

An Empirical Comparison of Early Warning Bank Failure Models Using McNemar’s Test
Rebel A. Cole and Jon Taylor
2019 Southwestern Finance Association Conference

Depositor Discipline and LOLR facilities
Francesca Daniela Lenoci
European Financial Management Association 2018 Annual Meeting

CDS Rate Construction Methods by Machine Learning Techniques
Zhongmin Luo and Raymond Brummelhuis
25th Global Finance Conference

When Paper Losses Get Physical: Domestic Violence and Stock Returns
Tse-Chun Lin and Vesa Pursiainen
35th Annual Conference of the French Finance Association

14. Teaching

Given lectures on the following topics;

  1. Banking & Financial Institutions
  2. Banking Regulation
  3. Bank Risk Management
  4. Bank Strategy and Management
  5. Socially Responsible Investments
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility
  7. Environmental Finance
  8. Corruption & Tax Evasion