Referee Work

1) Management Science
2) Journal of Banking & Finance
3) Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment
4) Journal of Development Studies


Why Distance Matters: The Role of Social Connectedness and Culture in Bank Lending
Oliver Rehbein and Simon Rother
2020 ASSA

An Empirical Comparison of Early Warning Bank Failure Models Using McNemar’s Test
Rebel A. Cole and Jon Taylor
2019 Southwestern Finance Association Conference

Depositor Discipline and LOLR facilities
Francesca Daniela Lenoci
European Financial Management Association 2018 Annual Meeting

CDS Rate Construction Methods by Machine Learning Techniques
Zhongmin Luo and Raymond Brummelhuis
25th Global Finance Conference

When Paper Losses Get Physical: Domestic Violence and Stock Returns
Tse-Chun Lin and Vesa Pursiainen
35th Annual Conference of the French Finance Association


Given lectures on the following topics:

1) Banking & Financial Institutions
2) Banking Regulation
3) Bank Risk Management
4) Bank Strategy and Management
5) Socially Responsible Investments
6) Corporate Social Responsibility
7) Environmental Finance
8) Corruption & Tax Evasion