These slides are a compilation of academic articles that deal with the “Good” and “Bad” sides of finance. These slides were originally used for a presentation on “Finance and Corporate Social Responsibility – A Review on Literature” and since then have developed to include a range of papers from environmental economics, ethical banking, natural disaster finance, experimental economics, social capital, tax evasion, corruption and much more. There are currently over 500 slides and articles are organized according to their respective subfields. These slides are continuously updated and are meant as a helpful tool for the review of literature and not for the endorsement of any specific articles. It is a comprehensive review that covers a diverse set of important yet interconnected topics, while intuitive enough so that everyone can easily grasp the overall theme and further dive into the subfields. All errors are my own. Please notify me in case of errors or material that you may deem important and if you are more broadly interested in contributing to this review, please get in touch!

SLIDES – SSRN link  Updated: 18/06/2019

UPDATE – The review is now being managed and updated at the PRI. See interactive and user-friendly tool here.

Note: A big thank you to Nickolas Gagnon, Joren Koëter and Thomas Lambert for contributing to this review!

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