Would you like to join an e-mail group named Researching Change Network?

This is an initiative to build an academic community and a formal channel of communication amongst passionate people interested in the broader issues of climate change, inequality, tax evasion, corruption, and more. These topics are all multi-disciplinary in nature and often fall beyond the standards of our respective fields. This in turn, has created many rational and irrational obstacles for our research ambitions.

First, if you are interested in this e-mail group, please e-mail me (Mikael Homanen) directly, and provide a short biography about your research expertise, background, and interests (e.g. Name, Affiliation & Bio). Once you have done this, I will add you to the e-mail group and send you information about the current members.

Every day, the group sends one e-mail that showcases a new interesting paper that reflects the group’s broader interests. This is the the standard form of communication.

One e-mail per day, that is all.

The long-term aim is to grow a community and disseminate our work amongst each other. Whenever a group member has a new working paper, they can e-mail the group manager directly and he will send it to members in later emails. The channel can also be used as an opportunity to advertise upcoming conferences on topics related to our broader interests.

This e-mail group is not meant as a discussion platform. All formal communication goes directly via the group manager. Group members are advised to contact each other directly if there are other matters to discuss. This way, we hope to create order, maintain people’s interest and avoid any excessive noise via the formal communication channel.

In the future, we hope that this will develop into something much bigger. After setting up the e-mail group, we wish to create reading/discussion circles, organize workshops/conferences and thus create further channels for collaboration.

As a final note, the formation of this group takes partial inspiration from Benjamin Franklin’s Junto Club and the Theory of Change.

I hope you may find this of interest!

Below, you will find an example e-mail:

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