30 Hours of Work-Life Balance

It started chill. Had a few drinks with friends 🍻 and ended the night at 12pm

And then it really started…

1) 0200 – 0700: Woke up two hours later and ran 37km 🏃

I had to. I was preparing for the upcoming Bangkok marathon 😅 As I ran endless circles in Lumphini park, it was interesting to see how a local running event had organized itself after I’d arrived and ended before I’d even finished.

Got home at 7am, showered and put on my university uniform. Btw, why don’t all universities have uniforms?

2) 0800 – 1700: 9 hours of lectures, back to back 📖

I had to. Admittedly, combining quant lectures with Buddhism economics was a lot to handle. Btw, I believe meditating is possible while napping.

3) 1800 – 1900: Thai massage 💆

I had to. I promised a friend I’d go. Having someone stomp my back after 37km and no sleep was surprisingly nice. Btw, I did not believe napping in this situation was possible.

4) 1930 – 2100: Family Dinner 🥣

I had to. Family were in town and I promised. Food was great.

5) 2200 – 0500: Clubbing 🕺

I had to. I promised my sister I’d show her the town. Drinks and dancing on top of all the activities certified the whole day as an ultra event.

All in all, a great day to connect work, sports and family time 👍