Charity Football League

Step 1: Make an absolute epic save as a goalie

Step 2: Land on your right wrist, with your hand straight and have your body’s full weight dislocate your shoulder with your upper arm bone heading towards your chest

Step 3: Laugh with the good folks at Royal London Hospital on your Quasimodo lookalike attempt

Step 4: Laugh with the other goalie whom broke his arm too

Step 5: Get an X-Ray and enjoy more laughs when the personnel say “hey! aren’t you the basketball guy who broke his bones last year, stop doing sports!”

Step 6: Keep laughing. The pain gets worse

Step 7: Put some weights on your right arm and have the staff pull it back into place away from your chest, where it didn’t belong in the first place

Step 8: Take a taxi straight to McDonalds and get some McFlurries

Step 9: Question your decisions after your friends tell you they still lost the game that night


Me: I should probably ski the letters “ES” and begin the 11 hour, 90km journey on Friday at 7pm

Why? After a month of interviewing Finnish financial institutions on their sustainable investment practices, I was surprised to learn along the way that Finnish savers were not as aware of these developments as they could have

Idea: “ES-Ski”

Full Disclosure: this stunt should not be confused with the pre-existing well known Finnish energy drink “ES” meme

More fun details:

1) Water bottles froze & with no shops around, I had to hydrate by eating snow
2) I got a brain freeze from eating snow, it hurt
3) I saw a mini aurora borealis, that was nice
4) Ran out of music, had to start singing a Finnish classic “So Good Wood” by Vesa Matti Loiri, spirits were lifted
5) Phone nearly ran out of battery due to freezing temperatures. At risk of losing my only map – I had to put my phone somewhere warm. Side note: why don’t boxers have pockets I wonder?

National Ski Meme

News: Snowstorm ‘Valtteri’ to hit Finland hard by Friday evening

Me: I should probably go skiing in the city centre

News Saturday morning: Storm brings 20 cm of snow, chaos was avoided. Videos show swerving cars and a skier in front of Kiasma 😅

Broken Bones Basketball

The Cambridge dictionary defines heedless as not giving attention to a risk or difficulty    

I on the other hand, would call it being an imbecile…

This story begins near the end.

I wake up, I head to work, finish some tasks and at 10am I have a pre-booked call with my GP. After explaining, in full detail, what, why and how my left wrist has been hurting for the past three weeks, she abruptly stops me mid-sentence and says “you should have gone to the hospital, immediately, three weeks ago”. After a brief pause she then states “go to the hospital, now”. And, on command, I close my laptop, leave the office and head out.

20 minutes later, I arrive at the A&E. From the reception onwards I continue laughing with staff about my silly adventures and then finally end up getting an X-ray. I meet the doctor and before she has the time to tell me what the deal is, the nurse comes by and says “we’re getting the cast ready” after which the doctor says “soo.. as you’ve now heard, you have a broken bone”. And that, is how I found out about the first bone that I ever broke.

The visit continues. We laugh and I get a nice cast on my left arm. By 12.15, we’re done, I head out and pick-up some pita falafels for lunch. Arrive at work and just in time, make it to my 1 o’clock meeting when my colleague then shouts “you did NOT have that in your arm when you came in this morning!?” She was right.

So what exactly happened 3 weeks ago? Nothing too wild actually. I was playing basketball with a few colleagues. After a few hours, at one point, I make an objectively excellent defensive manoeuvre, i.e. shift in front of the player, with both feet on the ground. Unfortunately, my friend’s body no longer operates under the same speed as he thinks and therefore he ends up charging right at me. I fly across the court and fall on the ground. Unfortunately, as an imbecile, I had forgotten to take off my large metallic Garmin watch before the game started. I land on my wrist and the watch ends up braking one my wrist bones.

Like an imbecile, I grunted a bit, got up and continued playing for another two hours until we all headed out for dinner and back home.

Three weeks pass by and I continue being an imbecile. Not only do I not reach out for professional help, I decide to continue playing sports to the best of my abilities, with the complementary wrist pain of course. Can’t do push-ups with my wrist? No problem, just do push-ups with your hands in a fist position. Can’t swim normally? No worries, just swim with your hands primarily in fist position as well. Can’t go cycling? No worries, just run 50 km with your friend in the forests of south England. No biggie.

I know, I know. I’m an imbecile. But, it gets worse…

Two days before the eventual hospital visit. What do I decide to play again? You guessed it, basketball. Same friends, same place and like an imbecile I tell them “my left wrist still hurts” and therefore, like an imbecile I suggest “I will just join you guys by playing with only my right arm”, because that of course is the normal thing to say and suggest. After a few hours of playing, the same guy from before whom had lost his youthful speed, same defensive position and same charge. I fly against the wall, grunt out loud and like an imbecile, we decide to continue playing for anther few hours. We then have dinner, laugh and go home.

So where is the second broken bone?

Lets go back to the start. On the day of the hospital visit, I leave work, go home, with a cast on my left arm. I sit on my sofa, watching my hand thinking “huh, I have a broken bone”. And as I wonder about it, I am reminded about my deep rib pain that I’d been enjoying since the basketball game few days ago. And then I laugh as I realized, I had a rib fracture as well. In total, two fractures and all just in time one day before the new London November lockdown. Excellent.

And like an imbecile, I google “what exercises can you do with a fractured wrist and / or rib”. Turns out, both injuries work against each other. The exercise one can do with a broken wrist, cannot be done with a fractured rib and vice versa. And so, I sit, for six weeks and for the first time, try to not be an imbecile.

30 Hours of Work-Life Balance

It started chill. Had a few drinks with friends 🍻 and ended the night at 12pm

And then it really started…

1) 0200 – 0700: Woke up two hours later and ran 37km 🏃

I had to. I was preparing for the upcoming Bangkok marathon 😅 As I ran endless circles in Lumphini park, it was interesting to see how a local running event had organized itself after I’d arrived and ended before I’d even finished.

Got home at 7am, showered and put on my university uniform. Btw, why don’t all universities have uniforms?

2) 0800 – 1700: 9 hours of lectures, back to back 📖

I had to. Admittedly, combining quant lectures with Buddhism economics was a lot to handle. Btw, I believe meditating is possible while napping.

3) 1800 – 1900: Thai massage 💆

I had to. I promised a friend I’d go. Having someone stomp my back after 37km and no sleep was surprisingly nice. Btw, I did not believe napping in this situation was possible.

4) 1930 – 2100: Family Dinner 🥣

I had to. Family were in town and I promised. Food was great.

5) 2200 – 0500: Clubbing 🕺

I had to. I promised my sister I’d show her the town. Drinks and dancing on top of all the activities certified the whole day as an ultra event.

All in all, a great day to connect work, sports and family time 👍