Wales 100 Miles

Mario Schabus and I committed to run the 100 miles Brecon Beacons race, but little did we know of the challenges ahead.

What was it like? This short video of the weather should say enough. What great fun!

Brief summary:

1) 37 hours of running, 6000 meters of ascent and 15 hour storm with winds that could blow you away
2) Totally not prepared, wore shorts the whole run. And, completely wrong (minimalist) shoes as well
3) At one point, we only had one device left for navigation. It was dark, windy, raining and cloudy. Much of the terrain was unmarked, i.e. barely any dedicated paths
4) Half of the participants dropped. Only 33 made it in the end
5) An absolutely insane adventure
6) This run would not have been possible without the support and help from Mario Schabus, Matthew Tyler and Kohby Poole. You guys rock!