The “Classic” Storm

The new adventure idea was: “ok, I guess now I should ski 200km, given I completed 100miles last year”. How did I decide when I should do it? Answer: while dancing Saturday night at a wedding with a view towards a vast snowy field, I thought to myself “yes, it has to be Monday morning”.

On Monday morning, I took off. I expected the idea to last a day and to enjoy a full day of skate skiing. Instead, the weather had other plans for me. It snowed heavily, and near non-stop, meaning there were no tracks to ski on. I kept moving, hoping the weather would change or the snow groomer to arrive. Unfortunately, none of these came true.

All in all, the whole adventure effectively became an off-track exercise, whereby I had to keep continuously creating new tracks as I pushed forwards. Previously, the longest distance that I’d covered off-track was 200m. The only way I could describe the process was “this is not fun at all”, with a grin on my face.

After enjoying good chats with fellow skiers, listening to a few audible books, the next day at 6am, 22 hours later, 114km of “classic” style off-track skiing I said to myself “Dear Weather, You Win. I am done”. I head home, eat pizza and collapse.

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