Me: I should probably ski the letters “ES” and begin the 11 hour, 90km journey on Friday at 7pm

Why? After a month of interviewing Finnish financial institutions on their sustainable investment practices, I was surprised to learn along the way that Finnish savers were not as aware of these developments as they could have

Idea: “ES-Ski”

Full Disclosure: this stunt should not be confused with the pre-existing well known Finnish energy drink “ES” meme

Complete Disclosure: this was the original idea and plan, but due to last minute injuries and cancellations, alternative arrangements had to be made

More fun details:

1) Water bottles froze & with no shops around, I had to hydrate by eating snow
2) I got a brain freeze from eating snow, it hurt
3) I saw a mini aurora borealis, that was nice
4) Ran out of music, had to start singing a Finnish classic “So Good Wood” by Vesa Matti Loiri, spirits were lifted
5) Phone nearly ran out of battery due to freezing temperatures. At risk of losing my only map – I had to put my phone somewhere warm. Side note: why don’t boxers have pockets I wonder?