Charity Football League

Step 1: Make an absolute epic save as a goalie

Step 2: Land on your right wrist, with your hand straight and have your body’s full weight dislocate your shoulder with your upper arm bone heading towards your chest

Step 3: Laugh with the good folks at Royal London Hospital on your Quasimodo lookalike attempt

Step 4: Laugh with the other goalie whom broke his arm too

Step 5: Get an X-Ray and enjoy more laughs when the personnel say “hey! aren’t you the basketball guy who broke his bones last year, stop doing sports!”

Step 6: Keep laughing. The pain gets worse

Step 7: Put some weights on your right arm and have the staff pull it back into place away from your chest, where it didn’t belong in the first place

Step 8: Take a taxi straight to McDonalds and get some McFlurries

Step 9: Question your decisions after your friends tell you they still lost the game that night